Москва DVFU Murmansk Tyumen

How to use the bikesharing

1 Register and pay for an access

You'll need a phone and bank card. Having completed the registration, Login and PIN numbers will be sent to you via SMS to access the bikesharing service. To start using the service, pay for an access at mobile app or site.

2 Get the bicycle at the station

Enter the login and PIN on the bike pin pad. Wait for the "Safe trip" sign and pull out the bicycle.

3 Go for a ride!

Rides up to 30 minutes are included in the access price. Rides over 30 minutes incur extra fee. You can return the bike at any bikesharing station.

4 Return the bicycle

Return the bicycle to any empty dock of the station. Wait for the "Return OK" sign and push confirmation.

How much does it cost

Dear customers! Bikesharing access rates will be posted in the new season.
Convenient mobile app
  • registration and access payment
  • search station locations
  • route planning
  • assistance in case of breakage